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Mixed Media | Pastels | Misc | Marine Still Life Series

Love Series

Pick a card from the playing deck and let your imagination run wild and allow it to lead you on a journey deep into the human psyche!

"Love Born"

oil on canvas
2.0m .x 0.800m

"Love Blinded"

acrylic,collage on canvas
103cm.x153cm.x 4cm.

The soul is blinded by the beloved and sees the ideal it wants to see.

"Love Barred"

 The Soul is heavily manacled in a dark prison of Depression. All overtures of Love cannot penetrate through the bars.


"Love Unravelling"

acrylic on canvas

The Queen of Hearts hangs suspended on a rope.Her fate is sealed.
Each lie,unkind cut,each act of rejection,each disrespectful word fuels the turning of the rope,the winding down and ultimate disintegration of love.
The soul,helpless and adrift,frozen and passive,is caught up in this inevitable unravelling,carried away by circumstances beyond its control.
The dark,mischievous agents preside over and hasten the process.

"Love Torn

acrylic on canvas

This work could almost equally have been entitled "Psyche's Doubt" from the allegorical Greek myth of Cupid and Psyche(Love and the Soul).
Here the soul is submerged in a tumultuous sea of doubt.Psyche is in two minds,torn.The Queen of Heart's head is split asunder.There is constant conflict raging in the mind;black birds in battle against white birds,white birds transforming into black,hearts into spades.

"Love Lost"

mixed media on Arches
87cm.x 116cm x 2.5cm.

Euripides in his play "Medea" wrote of the bitter and tragic end of Jason and Medea's 'marriage'. 
"And now I see the black end,the end of great love
And God save me from it:the unburied horror,
The unbridled hatred,the vultures tearing a corpse!
God keep me clean of those evil beaks!"

I had the privilege of playing the role of "The Nurse" in Brisbane Arts Theatre's 2000 production of "Medea".Those haunting words percolated deep down into my psyche,resurfacing in the imagery of the scavenging large-beaked black birds seen in this work and others where love is under threat.

Portraits & Scapes

"Portrait of Professor Robert Endean"

oil on canvas approx
4ft x 3ft

c.November 1996
Commissioned by the late Dr.Anne Cameron on the occasion of his 70th birthday, 27th december 1996.


oil on canvas 

commissioned by Dr.Ceinwen Grayson

"Looking Glass Self"

oil on canvas
118cm.x 84cm x4cm.

Essentially a self portrait, the title derives from the psychology theory of the same name 'I am who you think I think I am" which is in essence is a state of metaphorical reflections.
Mother and daughter exist in different planes. This work is complex interplay between reality and reflection, between mother/daughter, looking back/looking forward and between inside and outside.

"The Beachwormers"

oil on canvas

From time to time I enjoy the technical challenge of depicting a subject in a purely traditional and resresentational way.
On a perfect summer's day I came upon two beachwormers at Dreamtime Beach, Fingal.
In this work I have endeavoured to depict the love of the sun, sea and the great outdoors and to capture the sense of serenity and freedom I experienced at that moment. Endless sea, endless sky, endless beach.
For me the movement of the waters, the sunlight sparkling on the waves, the crested terns wheeling and skimming in low formation over the shallows and the shimmering images mirrored in the wet sand came together as a joyous celebration of life.


"Midnight Cat Stalking Rabbit in the Sky"

acrylic on canvas

Mixed Media

Mixed media on canvas 95.0cm x 80.0 cm.


"Eros to Young Maidens

acrylic on canvas
c. July 2005

"Gathering Storm"

mixed media on Arches paper 

c May 2004



mixed media on paper


"Summer Dreams

pastel on Ingres paper 

"Verandah of Crossed Destinies Revisted"


"Rainfingers over a Solitary"


Patterns in Nature



45.7cm x 35.6cm
Framed  49 cm x 38.5 cm

oil on canvas


"Moon Moths"

45.7cm x 35.6cm
oil on canvas


"The Blue Armada of the Sea"

oil on canvas



131 cm.x 51.5cm (approx)
oil on canvas

"Lost Soles"

Finalist in The Inaugural  Eutick Memorial Still Life Award 2007
acrylic on canvas work

147cm.x 97cm.

Rhapsody in Red

Salon des Refuses,EMSLA 2008,
 oil on canvas

147 cm x 97 cm.
"Spotted In Indigo"
acrylic on canvas work

147cm.x 97cm.

900cm.x 900cm.

acrylic on canvas work

131 cm.x 51.5cm

"Python in Petals"
acrylic on canvas work

63 cm.x 91cm

acrylic on canvas work

54 cm.x 44cm

"Courting Death"

45.7cm x 35.6cm
oil on canvas


Dance of Life - Man with Nature in paintings and poetry
by Louise Blood

16 mosaic panels,
Private home, Kingscliff NSW

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